Friday, August 3, 2007


oh my gosh, we have cement in the ground. i know there are other folks with blogs who are all starry eyed and optimistic once they see this on their lots, but what can i say? we're at that point now, and it's great!

the house will have a carport at the front of the property that will be painted a vivid green color. hopefully we will be able to keep the landscaping in front of it the same. jed is enjoying the camera on his new phone so here's a sample of one of my favorite photo subjects - people taking photos.

shot of the carport pad where jed is admiring adam and wendy's fabulous front patio

shot down to the mater suite area

next step is hopefully the rest of the foundation. i make my own pieces with concrete, so i know every project is different. it's a complete toss up as far as the finished look of the aggregate once they grind the surface down (fingers crossed).