Friday, September 19, 2008

listo para visitantes

ok, not much going on, but a huge milestone has been reached.

all of jed's cookware has been unpacked and put away! this is major progress.

also, our friend erica has joined casa agave and has established her "lair" in the guest wing. don't know why, but i think women like the term. to me, a lair sounds like something that needs a bucket of damp rid and could stand to be tidied up.

now, the home front won't be so lonely when one of us is out of town.

one thing's for sure, nadja is ready for visitors, and we should be soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

¡que oso!

oh my gosh, i'm so emabarrassed!

had this blog for ages, always wondering if anyone actually visits these pages, only to discover that there's a comment tool! i have messages from current and long lost friends! and neighbors who prolly think i'm a complete jerk!

i feel horrible, and need to start mending some missed connections.

here's a form letter to get things rolling:

dear _____:

thank you so much for reading and more importantly, for sending me notes! i am so glad we can finally (meet /catch up) after all this time! it's rediculous that i've been unable to (walk over and meet / call / email) you, but of course life always gets in the way no matter how hard we try to get together.

-the noncommunicative jerk

alright, i need to start reading...