Thursday, May 22, 2008

feel the burn

so much activity, so little time, and no internet connection make for short and late updates. my legs hurt all the time from having stairs for the first time since childhood, and lugging crap up and down them. so, to save time, i'll use bullets:

  • closed april 30 - yay!

  • began moving in may 2nd - yay!

  • got hot water and moved animals in may 3rd- yay!

  • first cooked meal at home in ages may 10th - yay!

  • nadja gets her go dog go! ball launcher back from storage may 11th - yay!

  • beautiful sunsets, fabulous vecinos, chairs galore, new space, new stuff - big yay!

  • big storm that ripped up our roof may may 14th... totalled by insurance co. may 21st - wah!

  • ginormous punch list - wah!

ok, pictures:

just another sh*tty day in paradise
house is now protected by foo!

desperately seeking color

new sunroof