Friday, April 25, 2008

vecinos nuevos

ok folks, this post is for the new neighbors. i've been getting pressure from everyone i see to update the blog. but as everyone knows, the closer you get to the end, the further you are from ready, so free time is rare! based on other agaveites' activity, this blog will be most likely neglected for a while after we move in.

funny thing is i've been looking at agave blogs for a long time and often wondered some of the folks looked like.

so, first things first, this is me (alex) on the left and him (jed) on the right. a bit decieveing since neither of us cleans up much. we never look this tan, nor clean shaven. imagine more carnie-versions of this clean look... that's us.

alex and jed

the casa is getting closer and closer. don't wanna jinx it, but april 30 is *hopefully* the most expensive day jed and i will have for a long time. the minimal landscaping is in, and the yard has tripled in size after getting sod. hopefully, nadja can stand the wait until the yard is secure enough to become her frisbee track.

front of house (before final painting)

view from back deck (even in bad weather, it looks great!)

and finally! we see some color, the unveiling of "Young Green". ironic name since the house has aged us tremendously.

young green