Thursday, December 13, 2007

muito obrigado

i know the title's not spanish, but my thanks for these past few weeks of progress on the house are extra special. we had our framing walkthough and were thrilled at the accomodations made by both parties. we had to give a little to get a little, but everyone is happy... it's a Brave New World.

plus, i had to get a new background color on the blog. brown is just too accessible these days; it has been embraced by the massess so i've got to abandon it (for now). the casa is moving along and some of the more exciting elements are beginning to take shape, like framing for the kitchen island and fireplace; and the decking.

this is a well-worn path that jed and i are on, and unfortunately (for our pocketbooks... or rather for our online financial numbers since checks and paper money are just silly) we have graduated from the starry-eyed, dreamy, can't wait to see something in the ground phase to the blowout consumer leg of the race. all i can say is we're looking at things and my "favorite things" list is way better than oprah's. no photos this time since most of the things i've been looking at in the house are orange spray paint spots and sharpie marks.


Marv & Chris said...

Hey Casa Agave,
We're moving to the neighborhood and just set up our blog, which seems to be some sort of neighborhood prerequisite. We're moving into 7308 Annette Cove, assuming everything goes as planned, and we're chronicling the big move here:

We look forward to meeting you!
-Marv & Chris

P.S. I hope we don't seem terribly unoriginal posting this exact same comment on all the Agave neighborhood blogs, but it seemed like the simplest solution.

mefl said...

We are not moving to Casa Agave but we are tracking your progress. Even if we don't get to see you anymore, we at least know what you are up. we've even posted you on our site so people you don't know you can know you! how fun is that? Hope all is well.