Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hacimiendo progresos

looks like we're getting somewhere with the house. the roof hasn't been touched, but other aspects of the casa are starting to shape up.

we have a lawn, and it has a future. hopefully we'll be able to get some projects started in earnest after the triple-digit heat subsides. so for now, we're keeping indoors, and speaking of which, we found a real gem in the antique mall. it's a piece that holds excess dishes, fussy dining linens, and most importantly, liquor!

don't call this hollywood regency, whatever you do

the entry is starting to shape up, i've taken about 6 photos of this space, and isa (black kitty) manages to get in every one!


Chris said...

Stunning and jealousy-inspiring.

By the way, Marv and I - along with a couple of crazy lesbians from around the corner - boozily stumbled to your door a few weeks ago in an attempt at introducing ourselves. Nobody was home, but we may have freaked out the kitty a bit.

Regardless, welcome to the neighborhood!

Chris @ 7308 Annette

Sahar said...

hi alex and jed! came across this blog while looking for you. wow, house looks amazing, congrats! hope all is well. drop me a line when you get a chance at sahar_shafqat AT hotmail.